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    ramesh s

    I would need help on
    1) After logging into the machine
    a. Can I run mapreduce or hive query in that shell
    b. What is the command to run those mapreduce jobs on the command shell
    2) I know there is a UI which can run these jobs through user interface, I would need a command line commands which I can run on the shell directly

    If I see HDinsight azure, on command prompt I can run jobs.. using c#/jar/hive etc. similarly how can I run the same commands in the shell after I login

    Kindly do the needful it helps me a lot

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    Hi Ramesh,

    Yes you can submit MapReduce jobs, run Hadoop commands and run hive, in the shell once you are logged in to the Sandbox. To learn more about the commands for Hadoop and submitting MapReduce jobs I suggest that you read Tom White’s Excellent book “Hadoop the Definitive Guide”. Training in the use these commands is beyond the scope of this forum. To run hive commands you start by entering the command ‘hive’ at the shell prompt. As Hive Query Language is similar to SQL you can learn about Hive commands from many web based tutorials. Also Hortonworks offers some excellent training classes in these subjects.


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