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    Ratnakar Pawar

    Hi ,

    I have a cluster of four nodes , and need HA for hbase
    is it possible to configure 2nd Hmaster in cluster , i checked but didnt find it anywhere in console
    we have 2 Hmaster configuration in other cluster , with cdh .
    Is it possible at all for hdp ? and how


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    Ratnakar Pawar

    to be exact , this error

    ERROR org.apache.hadoop.hbase.security.token.AuthenticationTokenSecretManager: Zookeeper initialization failed
    org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$InvalidACLException: KeeperErrorCode = InvalidACL for /hbase-secure/tokenauth/keys
    at org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException.create(KeeperException.java:121)
    at org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException.create(KeeperException.java:51)


    Ratnakar Pawar

    Yes , but then there wont be any control from ambari over it ? or we can configure it there also somehow.
    also , I am using kerberos enabled cluster , and getting Acl exception when i tried
    hbase master –backup start



    Hi Ratnakar,

    HBase supports HBase master HA. All you need to do is start the HBase master service somewhere which have the Hadoop and HBase configurations. The following message will be in its log:
    2013-11-20 08:06:46,881 INFO [master:dcdn002:60000] master.ActiveMasterManager: Another master is the active master, dcnn001.hwx.support1.com,60000,1383930890299; waiting to become the next active master

    Once the original HBase master dies, the following message will be in the secondary HBase master:
    2013-11-20 08:08:45,767 INFO [master:dcdn002:60000] master.HMaster: Master has completed initialization

    I am using this HBase version:

    hbase version
    13/11/20 08:09:22 INFO util.VersionInfo: HBase
    13/11/20 08:09:22 INFO util.VersionInfo: Subversion git://c64-s11/grid/0/workspace/BIGTOP-bigwheel-GA-HDP_RPM_REPO/label/c64-s11/bigtop-0.5/build/hbase/rpm/BUILD/hbase- -r e6d7a56f72914d01e55c0478d74e5cfd3778f231
    13/11/20 08:09:22 INFO util.VersionInfo: Compiled by jenkins on Thu Oct 17 18:15:20 PDT 2013

    Hope this helps.


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