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    I m receving this information on agent logs that “No command sent from the server”, once the host registration is completed at server side.
    Because of this issue i am not able to deploy rpm on different machines..
    19:06:55,894 INFO [Thread-22] QuartzScheduler:575 – Scheduler ExecutionScheduler_$_NON_CLUSTERED started.
    19:22:19,231 INFO [qtp1396567385-68] HostImpl:261 – Received host registration, host=[hostname=localhost.localdomain,fqdn=localhost.localdomain,domain=,architecture=x86_64,processorcount=4,physicalprocessorcount=4,osname=RedHat,osversion=6.5,osfamily=RedHat,memory=3794948,uptime_hours=5,mounts=(available=346963652,mountpoint=/,used=7922972,percent=3%,size=373878544,device=/dev/mapper/vg_01hw722307-LogVol01,type=ext4)(available=1897396,mountpoint=/dev/shm,used=76,percent=1%,size=1897472,device=tmpfs,type=tmpfs)(available=909108,mountpoint=/boot,used=47588,percent=5%,size=1007896,device=/dev/sda3,type=ext4)]
    , registrationTime=1398261139223, agentVersion=1.5.0

    Ambari-Agent log says:
    INFO 2014-04-25 12:27:51,042 Controller.py:207 – No commands sent from the Server.
    INFO 2014-04-25 12:28:01,043 Heartbeat.py:76 – Sending heartbeat with response id: 14504 and timestamp: 1398409081042. Command(s) in progress: False. Components mapped: False

    I have checked the etc/hosts files on all machines and all entries are corerct, even the firewall is disabled on all system.
    why am i facing this issue, what is wrong in the config

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    Jeff Sposetti

    That INFO logging looks ok.

    1) Are you making it thru Confirm Hosts, all green?
    2) And host check warnings?
    3) If you are making it past those steps, what errors are you seeing during install/start/test?

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