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shell login passwords

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    Owen O’Malley

    If you want to login to the VM’s shell what account/password do you use?

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    Sasha J

    no login required according to documentation:

    Will check it out to confirm.


    Sasha J

    You do not need login in order to use browser based UI.
    If you need to log in to the Sandbox itself, username is root, password is hadoop


    Cheryle Custer

    Please note that when logging into root, there is no support for configuration or technical issues on the Sandbox.


    For the developer type would you recommend me modifying the image you have and installing a development environment on this image? When I refer to dev environment I am referring to Gnome centos environment with Eclipse for Map/Reduce and R. What is your recommendation?

    wei zheng

    What if we want to do everything on the command line? For example, do hadoop fs operations, run map/reduce jobs, compose java programs, run pig/hive scripts/commands..

    Does this sandbox support all the above operations? Can we assume this is a fully functional hadoop box besides the web interface? Thanks!

    Sasha J

    If you need to log in to the Sandbox itself, username is root, password is hadoop
    the, you can do something like:
    su – hdfs -c “hadoop fs -ls /”


    Thank you!

    wei zheng

    Thanks Sasha. I see, so only the user hdfs has the permission to do the hdfs operations. Other than that, can we just use root user to do pig/hbase/hive things?

    wei zheng

    Or, maybe “sandbox” is the recommended user to do the stuff.

    Sasha J

    Yes, user sandbox could be used for running jobs.
    Or, you can use individual users for specific tasks (like user hbase for hbase work, hive for hive and pig, etc).
    each user have it’s own “home” folder in HDFS /user/, and all of them belongs top group hdfs.

    Hope this help.


    simply it is
    user name = root
    password = hadoop


    Can we get a list of default passwords for each of the Linux user accounts for the various Hadoop components? I.e. what is the default password for hdfs, hive, hcat, etc.?
    Alternatively, can we change the password for these Linux users without losing connection/access between various components? As root user, we could do it easily using passwd but there might be consequences.


    Hi Szilard,

    You actually don’t need to know the passwords for these various users, once logged in as root you can su to them.



    Hi Ted,

    You are right; on technical level.
    But on the other hand, one does not simply use root, unless it is unavoidable. It’s for administration, not for work.
    Furthermore, I want to access specific accounts from other hosts (e.g. for scp and ssh) and thus I do not and cannot go through root account (e.g. I want to upload files to sandbox’s home and load them into HDFS as sandbox; but I want to avoid uploading them first to root and then copy them to sandbox and then chown all of them).
    BTW, I am a Teradata tech presales trying to put together some Aster+HDP demo, so I do not want to use the Sandbox for production.




    Hi, I’m also facing a problem almost all the others have posted in here.

    after everything is set up i was asked for the login and password, as suggested here i have entered the below credentials.
    Login: root
    Password: hadoop

    i was expecting some UI after that, but instead i have got the black screen(linux screen), I’m using VMWare 5.0.1 version in my 32-bit windows system, please let me know how to proceed from here.


    Hi Maheedhar,

    to bring up the GUI for the Sandbox you point you web browser at . If you log in to the Sandox window with root/hadoop as you did, there will be no GUI, just the Linux shell. This is by design.


    Geeta Patil


    i have been trying to login to access user directory or bin directory in sanbox window logged in with root/hadoop. then i wanted to use pig user and by using the command su – pig -c “hadoop fs -ls /” my sandbox window says user pig doesn’t exist.

    could you let me know how can i login to user pig and run the pig programs in sandox window



    I have HDP running on Azure. I am unable to change to root using hadoop as password.
    Does anyone know what the root password is on HDP/Azure ?

    Robert Molina

    Hi Suresh,
    I answered your question in the post you posted.

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