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    Mitali Sodhi


    I have a 4 node cluster setup, each with 32G RAM and 1T Hard Disk. I was trying to run the sort example, so for that I first ran the randomwriter example.
    hadoop jar hadoop-mapreduce-examples- randomwriter random-data

    The randomwriter example is running successfull and data is getting written on the hdfs. But, in sort example the job is getting errors.
    The job is running 100% for map and stopping after 40% of reduce. I am getting DiskErrorException : Could not find any valid local directory for output. I ran this command when the job was in progress:
    $ df -h
    This, showed the that /dev/mapper/vg_node1-lv_root directory which has 50G storage capacity is getting fulled when the reduce is reaching around 40%. Here is the output of this command:

    So, what should I do to rectify this problem?


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    Koelli Mungee

    Hi Mitali,

    How big is your cluster, is it multi-node -if so how big? Looking at the error you are reaching the disk capacity. You could potentially add more space to the mount or delete some unwanted files to free up disk space.


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