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    John Gou

    I tried running the example presented by Carter Shanklin using the spatial-sdk-hive-1.0-MODIFIED.jar (from his Github acct), esri-geometry-api.jar and HiveUDFs.jar. I uploaded the uber logs into HCat.

    I receive the following message running the hiveSQL script.

    SELECT id, ST_GeodesicLengthWGS84(
    ST_LineString(collect_array(point)), 4326)) as length
    FROM (
    SELECT id, ST_Point(longitude, latitude) as point
    ) sub
    GROUP BY id;
    Error Message:
    converting to local hdfs://sandbox.hortonworks.com:8020/user/hue/jars/esri-geometry-api.jar
    Added /tmp/85d1cec7-641f-4e07-bc06-eeee1de2cfa0_resources/esri-geometry-api.jar to class path
    Added resource: /tmp/85d1cec7-641f-4e07-bc06-eeee1de2cfa0_resources/esri-geometry-api.jar
    converting to local hdfs://sandbox.hortonworks.com:8020/user/hue/jars/HiveUDFs.jar
    Added /tmp/85d1cec7-641f-4e07-bc06-eeee1de2cfa0_resources/HiveUDFs.jar to class path
    Added resource: /tmp/85d1cec7-641f-4e07-bc06-eeee1de2cfa0_resources/HiveUDFs.jar
    converting to local hdfs://sandbox.hortonworks.com:8020/user/hue/jars/spatial-sdk-hive-1.0-MODIFIED.jar
    Added /tmp/85d1cec7-641f-4e07-bc06-eeee1de2cfa0_resources/spatial-sdk-hive-1.0-MODIFIED.jar to class path
    Added resource: /tmp/85d1cec7-641f-4e07-bc06-eeee1de2cfa0_resources/spatial-sdk-hive-1.0-MODIFIED.jar
    FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10014]: Line 9:8 Wrong arguments ‘latitude': The UDF implementation class ‘com.esri.hadoop.hive.ST_Point’ is not present in the class path

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    John Gou

    I just re-downloaded the code from github/Esri and packaged them up. I am running esri-geometry-api-1.1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar and spatial-sdk-hive-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar. Unfortunately, the error is still there.



    Jason Dere

    How old is spatial-sdk-hive-1.0-MODIFIED.jar? The ST_Point function had an issue where the class was not specified as having public scope, which caused issues in Hive starting in Hive 0.13.0. ESRI has since fixed their Hive UDFs, if you can get an up-to-date version. The UDF class not being a public class is one common cause of the ” UDF not present in the class path” errors from Hive.

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