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    Narayana Ganta


    While importing data from MySQL to HDFS, we are seeing data in some binary format in HDFS.

    Below is the format in which data is seen:
    0000000: 78 9c bc bd 7d 6f e3 48 92 3e f8 f7 dd a7 20 fa x…}o.H.>…. .
    0000010: 80 da ea 5b ca 66 66 f2 75 71 38 80 a2 28 9b 5d …[.ff.uq8..(.]
    0000020: 7a 2b 52 b2 ab fa 9f 81 a7 4a dd e3 1d b7 5d b0 z+R……J….].
    0000030: ab 66 ba 7f 87 fb ee 17 91 49 32 23 c5 24 45 c9 .f…….I2#.$E.

    Sqoop import command used:
    sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql://myserver.com/test –username user1 –password hdp123 –table table1 –target-dir /user/test6/ –as-textfile

    Sqoop Version: 1.4.4
    HDP: 2.0

    Can you please help us how to get the data from MYSQL in readable text format.

    Thank You.

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    Hi Narayana,

    Can you check to see if your MapReduce is set to have mapreduce.output.fileoutputformat.compress this enabled or true? If it is, then this would be the one thats causing the issue.

    What you can try is to use the -D mapreduce.output.fileoutputformat.compress=false and in the sqoop command like below and see if this helps
    sqoop import -D mapreduce.output.fileoutputformat.compress=false –connect jdbc:mysql://myserver.com/test –username user1 –password hdp123 –table table1 –target-dir /user/test6/ –as-textfile


    Narayana Ganta

    We tried importing the data into Hive it is working fine. Data is showing fine in the Hive table.

    Command Used:
    sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql://civlsldhadoop1.val.cummins.com:3306/sqooptest –table intcol –username root –password hadoop –hive-import 2> error.log

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