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    Narayana Ganta


    While importing data from MySQL to HDFS, we are seeing data in some binary format in HDFS.

    Below is the format in which data is seen:
    0000000: 78 9c bc bd 7d 6f e3 48 92 3e f8 f7 dd a7 20 fa x…}o.H.>…. .
    0000010: 80 da ea 5b ca 66 66 f2 75 71 38 80 a2 28 9b 5d …[.ff.uq8..(.]
    0000020: 7a 2b 52 b2 ab fa 9f 81 a7 4a dd e3 1d b7 5d b0 z+R……J….].
    0000030: ab 66 ba 7f 87 fb ee 17 91 49 32 23 c5 24 45 c9 .f…….I2#.$E.

    Sqoop import command used:
    sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql://myserver.com/test –username user1 –password hdp123 –table table1 –target-dir /user/test6/ –as-textfile

    Sqoop Version: 1.4.4
    HDP: 2.0

    Can you please help us how to get the data from MYSQL in readable text format.

    Thank You.

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    Narayana Ganta

    We tried importing the data into Hive it is working fine. Data is showing fine in the Hive table.

    Command Used:
    sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql://civlsldhadoop1.val.cummins.com:3306/sqooptest –table intcol –username root –password hadoop –hive-import 2> error.log

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