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    Hugh McBride

    I am installing HDP 1.3 on a linux cluster (centos 6) on the windows azure cloud. Ambari intsalls ok and cluster starts, but it says it is going to install sqoop, I see it doing the tests but when i type sqoop at the command line of the master node , it is not installed , After a manual install , I try to connect to a sql server database on windows azure , but keep getting access denied , root or the user name , 1. should sqoop have installed , 2 how do i get around the access denied problem
    thx in advance

    Hugh McBrid

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    Hi Hugh,

    How many Nodes do you have in your cluster. You can install sqoop by running “yum install sqoop”
    The access denied issue, you would need to check you SQL Server logs to see what username is being passed and if they have access to the database you are connecting to, this should give you some indication if sqoop is hitting the database, or if it is failing with a false ‘access error’



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