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    Fred LaCrosse

    I’ve been able to get Scoop connected to my local SQL Server install to pull data into the Sandbox when I’m using the default SQL schema “dbo”. However I cannot figure out a way to point to non-default schemas. I see in the Sqoop documentation that version 1.4.4 is supposed to be able to connect to MSSQL non-default schemas using the –schema argument but when I try and add that I get the following error: “unrecognized argument schema”. Anyone have any thoughts? I messed around with it all weekend with no luck.

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    Fred LaCrosse

    Figured this out. The MS SQL connector extra arguments need to occur at the end of Sqoop command and after an empty —
    So where I was doing
    sqoop import –connect <connectionString> –table <tableName> –schema <schemaName>
    It needed to be
    sqoop import –connect <connectionString> –table <tableName> — –schema <schemaName>

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