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    Hey all, I want to substitute an alternative to HBase and I was wondering what the default hadoop user is. I see hadoop_deploy gets created but I don’t have hdfs write permissions with that user.

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    Here is what worked for me

    [root@ip-10-190-63-30 ~]# usermod -a -G hdfs

    this gives user write privileges on the hdfs


    -bash-4.1$ cat /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f1 | sort | grep hdfs

    looks like the user is hdfs


    30 17:44:30,435 [util.Initialize] FATAL: Failed to initialize filesystem
    Caused by: org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException: org.apache.hadoop.security.AccessControlException: Permission denied: user=root, access=WRITE, inode=””:hdfs:hdfs:rwxr-xr-x



    [root@ip-10-190-63-30 rightscale]# su – hadoop
    su: user hadoop does not exist
    [root@ip-10-190-63-30 rightscale]# ls /home/
    ambari_qa ec2 hadoop_deploy oozie rightscale
    [root@ip-10-190-63-30 rightscale]#

    Reword question: under which user does hmc start hadoop?


    Steve Loughran

    @Miguel, the default hadoop user is “hadoop”; you can look through /etc/passwd to see what is in there for hbase. The logs for specific processes go into /var/log/hadoop/${USER} -if you look at where the hbase logs go that should give you the username.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)