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    Anupam Gupta

    Hi All,
    I have some doubt regarding Talend , I have already installed HDP on EC2 and with two instances(CentOS) , now i want to use talend for data integration and analysis.

    1) There is need to installed Talend on EC2 or I can installed it on local machine and do the job regarding data load and analysis?
    2) If I have to installed it on EC2 ,how can I access it from local because it is GUI based application.

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    Hi Agupta,

    I believe that the answers to your questions were already given in your other posts. From those posts, you have installed a GUI on one of your instances and installed Talend there. Though I believe it is possible to install Talend on your local box, and connect to the ec2 instances, there will be some significant lag when you run the commands, so I feel it is better to install it as you have on one of the two instances.


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