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    I tried to test our deployment of hdp with mahout using https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/MAHOUT/Wikipedia+Bayes+Example
    I was able to download the Wikipedia data set and load it into hdfs when trying step 4 I get
    D:\user\mahout->bin\mahout wikipediaXMLSPlitter -d D:\user\enwiki-latest-pages-articles.xml -o wikipedia/chunks -c 64
    “Mahout home set C:\hadoop\\mahout-″
    MAHOUT_JOB: C:\hadoop\\mahout-\examples\target\mahout-examples
    13/10/07 18:23:07 WARN driver.MahoutDriver: Unable to add class: wikipediaXMLSPlitter
    13/10/07 18:23:08 WARN driver.MahoutDriver: No wikipediaXMLSPlitter.props found
    on classpath, will use command-line arguments only
    Unknown program ‘wikipediaXMLSPlitter’ chosen.
    It looks like another jar file is needed.

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