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    On launching hue in the oozie screen I noticed it did not pick up my default linux time zone which was Africa/Johannesburg (umt + 2). So after reading I changed hue.ini time_zone to Africa/Johannesburg. All looked fine when running oozie workflows. However when time came to run a Coordinator it prompted me for a time zone which I again set to Africa/Johannesburg however I noticed the coordinator related date information was set 2 hours ahead of Africa/Johannesburg (it was set to umt + 4). I then thought to change the the coordinator to just umt (Hoping this would bring time back 2 hours) . However this still displayed umt + 4 for coordintor jobs only.

    To summarize workflows show correct time (umt +2) but coordinators show (umt +4). I need both to show umt + 2 only.

    Any help would be appreciated



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