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HDP on Linux – Installation Forum

TOTALFAILURE at Preparing discovered nodes

  • #11677
    Shyam Kadari

    I am setting up HDP on a two node (nodeA, nodeB) cluster. I am running CentOS 5.8. Installing using sudo root privileges.
    I am using ssh from a machine Z to log into in to server nodeA where hmc is installed.
    I am using http://nodeA/hmc/html/index.php to access and configure the cluster from machine Z.
    In hmc web browser (evoked from machine Z) after I choose cluster name I provide:
    a) nodeA and NodeB as nodes in Hostdetail.txt.
    b) id_rsa file from nodeA as SSH Private Key File.

    The /etc/hosts has right mapping. I can ping and resolve the node names.
    Hostdetail.txt has only two entries with no extra newlines or other characters, I can ssh in to both the nodes with out a password.

    I am getting the following error:

    [2012:10:29 07:38:54][INFO][findSshableNodes][commandUtils.php:28][launchCmd]: Env variable WCOLL is “\/var\/run\/hmc\/clusters\/Test_02\/hosts.txt”
    [2012:10:29 07:38:54][INFO][Add nodes poller][nodesActionProgress.php:54][]: Cluster Name: Test_02 Root Txn ID: 29
    [2012:10:29 07:38:54][INFO][findSshableNodes][findSshableNodes.php:142][]: Going to persist information sshAble nodes
    [2012:10:29 07:38:55][ERROR][sequentialScriptExecutor][sequentialScriptRunner.php:272][]: Encountered total failure in transaction 100 while running cmd: /usr/bin/php ./addNodes/findSshableNodes.php with args: Test_02 root 29 100 30 /var/run/hmc/clusters/Test_02/hosts.txt
    [2012:10:29 07:38:57][INFO][Add nodes poller][nodesActionProgress.php:54][]: Cluster Name: Test_02 Root Txn ID: 29

    My questions:
    1) Can I install HMC with sudo root privileges or should I must be root?

    2) I am providing right file as ssh private file key

    3) What should I do to resolve the issue.

    Thank You very much for your help.

    Shyam Kadari

  • Author
  • #11679
    Jonas Kemper

    run this script and post the output on

    it seems to be a authorization problem while writing /var/run/hmc/clusters/Test_02/hosts.txt or something…

    Shyam Kadari

    Hello Jonas:
    Thank you very much for answering my post.

    The script is not able to gather any information because I don’t have “root” password.
    The /var/run/hmc/clusters/Test_02/hosts.txt is not created.

    Is it possible to install hmc with out having root previlages? I have only sudo root previlages on the cluster.




    if you have sudo you can become root with the ‘sudo su’ command.



    Any update on your problem, I have the same issue all the time the /var/run/hmc/clusters/cDev1/hosts.txt is empty (looks like the installation process is not reading the provided hostnames.




    Have you set up passwordless ssh between the two machines on the root account? This is a must. If you have the ability to sudo you can become root with the ‘sudo su’ command and then run things from there.



    Yes I have password less ssh and running set-up as root. The strange is that even if I write values to hosts.txt it get overwrite to empty before the failure.




    Are you putting your host names for your cluster in the hosts.txt file in /var/run ? If so this is not what you should be doing, the host names for your cluster should be put in a file some where in either root’s home or your home directory.



    I have host names file in the root directory, but installation process is using hosts.txt from /var/run (according tot he hmc log file).




    Does your file in root get overwritten? The file in /var/run/ is just HMC copying your file and then performing some changes on it as it is working on building the cluster. So if HMC cannot create that file HMC will fail. And there a actually several reasons as to why the file may not be able to be created.
    * The HMC service was not started as root (this will make it so that the directory in /var/run can’t be made)
    * SELinux has not been disabled on the node (this can cause some intermittent and strange errors)
    * iptables has not been turned off (this will make it so that puppet cannot do it’s work)

    If the hosts.txt file in /var/run is empty it could be that the file was edited on windows and now can’t be read by linux, or there could be some other reason that puppet/hmc is having trouble reading the file you created in /root.

    you could help us figure out what is going on if you would follow the instructions here:


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