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    Peter O

    I’ve tried to create a new table in HCatalog, and hit the following error when I push “Create table”

    HCatClient error on create table: {"error":"Invalid DDL identifier :table"} (error 400)

    How can I troubleshoot this? As you can see, there’s no obvious way to get more information.

    HCatalog screenshot

    Is the query the web interface sends copied to a log file somewhere? Is there a checkbox or setting someplace that’ll output more diagnostics?

    Note I’m not just asking how to fix the error, although that’d be helpful. I’m asking how I can get some leads to troubleshoot this myself. (Teach a man to fish…). I’ve looked through the HCatalog documentation and couldn’t find much. I checked the log files in /tmp and /var/log and none of them seem to be touched when I executed this request.

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