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    William Degnan

    I have successfully installed Hadoop 2.2 and YARN onto Ubuntu server 14.04, manually, and ran a few mapreduce jobs to test, etc.. Looking good. As I understand it, Ambari is not supported for Ubuntu as of this writing. What are and where are the best known-working versions of Pig, Hive, and Hbase for Ubuntu? I like the Sandbox feel, is there a way to expand YARNs GUI (on port 8088) so people I work with who don’t like SSH can upload data files and play with them for demo purposes? Anyone doing this kind of thing on an Ubuntu server? I will push through doing manual installs using the hit-or-miss method, but I am looking for help too, if anyone has some suggestions. No I don’t want to install a virtual box on the server, I want to make this work on Ubuntu for business reasons.

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