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    I am very new to Hbase and Hortonworks with windows server 2012 platform. Installed hdp- on Windows server 2012 in standalone mode. Executed “start_local_hdp_services” and all services have been started fine. But when i am trying to connect hbase shell “Microsoft was unexpected at this time.” error message is throwing.

    C:\hdp\hadoop\hbase-\bin>hbase shell
    \Microsoft was unexpected at this time.


    when i am trying to start master with below command, i am getting access denied message. Could you please help me out what can be done to fix this.
    C:\hdp\hadoop\hbase-\bin>C:\hdp\hadoop\\hbase-\bin\hbase.cmd –service master start > “C:\hdp\hadoop\\hbase-0.94
    Access is denied.

    Please advise how to trouble shoot these issues. Correct me if i am pointed to wrong direction in starting hbase services.

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    Thanks Enis for your response!

    By editing Classpath, hbase shell is working fine now.

    Could please help in fixing another execution error on hbase integration with hive. Link for issue description http://hortonworks.com/community/forums/topic/execution-error-while-creating-hive-table-on-exisitng-hbase-table/


    Enis Soztutar

    Thanks Harika for trying out HDP on windows.
    There is a known issue about some of the paths containing spaces in the directory names. Please make sure that you java path, classpath and path environment variables does not contain directories that have spaces.

    bin\hbase.cmd –service master start
    command creates an xml file for registering the HBase daemon as a windows service. This is invoked by the MSI installer to define the HBase service. If the HBase installation is complete, you do not have to do that manually. You maybe getting an access denied exception because that file (master.xml) will be owned by the Administrator.

    You can start the HBase service from the Start -> Services” menu, or using the service command in cmd shell. For more information you can check
    http://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/HDP1/HDP-Win-1.3.0/bk_installing_hdp_for_windows/content/win-getting-ready-6.html and http://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/HDP1/HDP-Win-1.3.0/bk_installing_hdp_for_windows/content/win-install-chap3.html.

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