Unclean installation does not allow to re-install HDP

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    Elias Hortas


    I am trying HDP for windows for a consulting firm. I have installed HDP on a windows server 2008. It seemed to go fine but a couple of services failed to start. I decided to uninstall, change my properties file and then install again, but now there is no way to make a new installation. I have manually deleted all directories from the previous installation.
    Ive seen other posts talking about error “2147287038” which i have in my installation log. I dont know if it has to do with that, but what i think is that new installation attempts are using previous install values in some variables that are not part of the properties file.
    But first things first, the error i get when executing the installation script tells me: the installation failed see somedirectory\hdp- This “somedirectory” corresponds to a variable called “HADOOP_SETUP_TOOLS” (deduced from the installation log). This dir was created in the previous installation but I deleted it manually so it no longer exists but it is not created again, either. Why is it not simply created anew? I think the uninstall operation did not fully take place and is preventing installing hdp again.

    It seems certainly not good for a windows version of hdp to break so easily and definetively. All the more considering we are approaching hdp for first time due to the possibility of using it on windows systems.

    Anyway, thank you very much and good luck for everyone.

    Best regards

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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Elias,

    Thanks for using HDP and letting us know that you were able to resolve your issue.



    Elias Hortas

    Geez, I have finally been able to “clean” the previous installation. It had more to do with Windows than HDP. Sorry for my mumbling! I was a little bit frustrated

    Best Regards,

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