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    Kar Son

    Hi I am trying to find where the map reduce input files are located in the sand box. Is there a way to find out where /user/… directory in the sandbox UI maps to in the actual sandbox. Also I couldn’t find where $output_directory maps to . Any help is really appreciated.

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    Pramod Thangali


    Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do? All references to files/directories in a job specification refer to files/directories on HDFS.

    Assuming you are referring to the job specification under Job Designer:
    – mapred.input.dir /user/hue/jobsub/sample_data on hdfs
    – $output_directory interpreted as a parameter that is prompted for when you submit the job. This directory should have write permissions for the current user. In this case sandbox.

    As an example use:
    – Go to Job Designer
    – Clone streaming _wordcount
    – Change the name of job to say my_streaming_wordcount (or any other name of your choice)
    – Click Save at the bottom of this screen
    – Once you are back on the job designer page, select my_streaming_wordcount
    – Click Submit and it will prompt you for the output directory
    – type /tmp/output1 for example
    When the job is finished, you can go to this directory on the ‘File Browser’ and see results

    Hope this helps….

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