using sandbox for yarn development

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    I hope this is the right forum– I apologize if not.
    I attended the YARN deep dive presentation yesterday, and the question, “what is the best/easiest development environment for developing and debugging YARN applications, and how can that be set up,” was answered during the Q&A portion.
    The answer was, “it would be easiest to use the sandbox.”
    My question is, in what context would we use the sandbox? Do we install eclipse and do our Application Master development on the sandbox VM itself, or do we install eclipse and the source on the host machine and use the remote debugging capabilities to attach to the application manager running on the sandbox (presumably using the HADOOP_OPTS flags)? Or did I misunderstand the answer and is some other strategy recommended?
    If this is the proper strategy, what is the right Maven dependency to add to my Eclipse projects to make them aware of the sandbox version of HDP and how do I make Eclipse find the right source code version for the sandbox, so that I can step into Hadoop library source code?


    Nathan Bamford

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    Cheryle Custer

    Hi Nathan,

    Sorry for any confusion — you should be using the 2.0 Community Preview edition. It can be found here:

    It is a separate download and contains only the HDP 2.0 bits, not the 1.3 bits. Same formfactor as Sandbox.

    Hope this helps.




    I also attended deep dive presentation on YARN last week by Arun Murthy.
    I wanted to give it a spin on my sandbox.
    Where can I find Hadoop v2.0 aka YARN in the HW Sandbox v1.3?



    Sasha J

    Look at the contents of the following:

    It should contain all the needed pieces.

    Thank you!


    john lilley

    Hi Sasha,
    Thanks for the reply. Can you elaborate? How exactly do we find the jars that correspond to the hadoop version running in he sandbox and make them available to Eclipse? Is there a specific Maven artifact dependency that will cause Eclipse to fetch the appropriate jars from the internnet? I’ve been able to do this before with the core Apache releases, but it is not clear how to reference the sandbox, as I don’t know if it exactly corresponds to an Apache release level or not.


    Sasha J

    this is completely your choice where to install Eclipse.
    Sandbox providing you back end infrastructure to run YARN applications.
    Eclipse providing you IDE for development.
    Sandbox does not contain any HDP source code or maven repositories.

    I suggest you to install Eclipse on your host machine and use Sandbox as a testbed for your newly developed applications.

    Thank you!

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