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    Dan Sadler

    Hi all,
    I am trying to get the last value of a string split. I am able to do this using
    C1 = FOREACH f GENERATE SIZE(STRSPLIT(stringSplitText,’\\.’)) as size3, FLATTEN(STRSPLIT(stringSplitText, ‘\\.’));
    The will then give me information such as:

    What I am trying to do is using the first column (numbers) extract the last column e.g $3, $5, $2 (these are the last columns)

    I have tried d = FOREACH C1 GENERATE CONCAT(‘$’,$0) as number;
    which saves the info into $3, $5, $2, however when I try and loop through C1 and call d’s generated number it does not work.

    ans = FOREACH C1 generate d1.number;

    So essentially what i am trying to do is get the last column from a string split however the string can be any length.
    If any body can help that would be great.

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    Jianyong Dai

    This works for me:
    C1 = foreach f generate SUBSTRING(stringSplitText, LAST_INDEX_OF(stringSplitText, ‘,’)+1, (int)SIZE(stringSplitText));

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