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    How can I access files which I have uploaded into HDP using file browser ?

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    Hi Karthikeyan,

    Typically the directory the file would be stored in is defined by you.
    Assuming you use the copyFromLocal command, hadoop fs -copyFromLocal /Users/Example.txt /user/ The file, Example.txt is stored in /user on hdfs.

    You can also use the command, hadoop fs -ls to view the files in that particular directory. Similar to the ls command in linux.
    If you have Ambari, you can also view the uploaded files via ambari.
    Log in to ambari > services > hdfs > quick links > namenode ui > browse the file system.


    Thanks Robert Molina,I have one more clarification .Where i can see the Uploaded file using browser in command line or which directory .


    Robert Molina

    Hi Karthikeyan,
    Via the command line, you can use the hadoop fs commands to do the usual file system operations (copy, list, move..etc) In addition, you can go to the namenode webui an view the files and folders via the webui as well.

    Hope that helps.

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)