webhcatalog table creation and json

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    John Brinnand

    Hi Folks,

    So I have webhcat 0.11.0 and have written a Java class which uses HCatalog’s DDL. Basically I took Alans example code from github and leveraged it. It works great but I noticed that when I create a text table, I cannot specify (or haven’t found how to specify) a JsonSerde row format. Basically I want to do something like what is done on the command line.
    hive>use myalphadb; create table test_jsontable (id string, name string) ROW FORMAT SERDE ‘org.apache.hcatalog.data.JsonSerDe';

    However, I don’t see how to do this using HCatCreateTableDesc. And if the table is created as a regular text file, hive will not be able to read the data and will return nulls for all keys and values.

    So – is there a way to tell HCatalog programmatically to create a table use a row format serde of JSON?



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    John Brinnand

    Hi Akki,

    Thanks for the response. Meanwhile – I found that Hive’s JDBC client can be used for our purposes.

    Thanks again for your help,



    Akki Sharma

    Hi John,

    Looking at HCatCreateTableDesc code, there isn’t support for the end user to create a table from api that supports custom serdes (unless there is a storagehandler that users a serde – we support that)

    Best Regards,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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