What is the right network config for a 1.3 Sandbox running within VMware Player?

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    The VMware player instructions still recommend having two network adapters: 1 NAT and 1 Host-Only. When I created a new 1.3 VM just now I had to add the Host-Only adapter. The VM starts up ok and I can get to the main web page.

    But to update the tutorials, I need to be able to access github.com from the VM. But I can’t do that — I get github.com is an unknown host.

    There is a rather draconian firewall on the Windows 7 Host that I can’t turn off. If I try to ping github.com from the host in a command window, it fails there too.

    I have spent a lot of time with the 1.2 Sandbox and things kind of just worked there — no problems like this.

    I know VirtualBox is supposed to only need a single network interface, but I am not sure what to use for VMware player.

    I really want to try the 3 new tutorials!!


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    Back in the office and the tutorial update attempt did not fail (github unknown host) with only the single NAT adapter configured for the 1.3 Sandbox VM. There were no new tutorials of course since I updated them yesterday.

    Ping outbound packets are blocked in the office network but ping not working was not directly indicative of any update problem.

    Looks like the cure for me was the right VMware network configuration: only one NAT’d interface.


    I went home and on my local network there, ping worked from the host (Windows 7) command shell. But ping inside the VM still did not work. So I shut down the VM, removed the Host-Only network adapter, restarted the VM and then ping worked inside the VM, AND I was able to update the tutorials.

    So it looks like even with VMware player, you don’t need 2 network adapters in the VM config.

    The installation docs on the Sandbox home page should be updated to reflect this.

    Will see if things work when I get back in the office tomorrow.

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