when load data into HBase I got follow exception

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    yan kun

    Hi All
    my command like this ,my hive can run successfully,Is this zookeeper cause by …?
    I am not sure
    thanks for you help
    [hadoop@hydra0001 bin]$ ./hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles /data_hbase/output/zh_5w zh_data

    Exception in thread “main” 13/07/25 16:49:01 DEBUG mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles: Going to connect to server region=zh_data,2914282,1374733923384.f9f758292c06553ff4af0ac1081fdfe1., hostname=hydra0003, port=60020 for row 2914282
    java.io.IOException: BulkLoad encountered an unrecoverable problem
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles.bulkLoadPhase(LoadIncrementalHFiles.java:331)
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles.doBulkLoad(LoadIncrementalHFiles.java:261)
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles.run(LoadIncrementalHFiles.java:775)
    at org.apache.hadoop.util.ToolRunner.run(ToolRunner.java:70)
    at org.apache.hadoop.util.ToolRunner.run(ToolRunner.java:84)
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles.main(LoadIncrementalHFiles.java:780)
    Caused by: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.RetriesExhaustedException: Failed after attempts=10, exceptions:
    Thu Jul 25 16:39:21 CST 2013, org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.LoadIncrementalHFiles$3@4bcfa53e, java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Call to hydra0006/ failed on socket timeout exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: 60000 millis timeout while waiting for channel to be ready for read. ch : java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[connected local=/ remote=hydra0006/]

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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Yan,

    Can you please check to make sure that your region server process is up on hydra0006/ server? Looks like there is an issue communicating to hydra0006/

    SocketTimeoutException: 60000 millis timeout while waiting for channel to be ready for read

    You also can try to check log file and port on that node for any issues.



    yan kun

    Sasha J
    thank you for you help
    my cluster no firewall and network is well
    ping command can via network to remote host
    Any other problem make this error
    by the way I see wiki about issure,but it not well


    Sasha J

    is there any firewalls running on your nodes?
    Is there any network problems?
    Socket timeout usually means communication problem…

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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