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    Hari Sekhon

    In the Resource Manager’s JMX can anyone explain to me the difference between Hadoop:service=ResourceManager,name=QueueMetrics “q0=root,q1=default” and “q0=root”?

    I’ve noticed most of the metrics are the same, but q0=root always shows active users 0, while “q0=root,q1=default” shows a positive integer as expected for active users when queries are running in Hive/Tez.

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    Hari Sekhon

    Ok I went back over the docs, it’s hierarchical of course, but I’m surprised that active users are only counted in leaf queues when I would have expected the top level queue to contain the aggregate summary information for all child queues including the number of active users.

    Can anyone explain this behaviour? Is this something that needs to be fixed so that ‘root’ shows the number of active users in all sub-queues?

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