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    Jakub Stransky


    I am relatively new to Hadoop 2.x and YARN but I have a question regarding fail-over of RM. What happens if resource manager fails? I understand that Application Masters are screwed as there is no-one who can grant resources for them or facilitate the communication. Does it make sense to run resource manager in a clustered fashion? Can someone point me to the right documentation if that possible? I am using HDP 2.0

    Thanks a lot

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    ResourceManager failover isn’t available in HDP 2.0, it is going to be soon in the subsequent releases.

    To your specific question, depending on whether RM can preserve work across restart or not, RM fail-over may or may not retain work. Work-preserving RM restart is a work in progress. So today, when RM fails over, all apps are restarted. For apps like MapReduce which implemented recovery, jobs will continue from their last saved progress.

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