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    Derek Wood

    The new 2.1 zookeeper packages appear to have a couple issues, including the service not starting up out of the box. These were pulled in from the same repos which we had previously installed 2.0. Please let me know if there is a better way to report these issues.

    # rpm -qa | grep -i zookeeper

    1. Service will not startup, due to an apparent missing dependency on bigtop-utils. Previous versions of the init script checked for existence of this file first.

    # service zookeeper-server start
    /etc/init.d/zookeeper-server: line 35: /usr/lib/bigtop-utils/bigtop-detect-javahome: No such file or directory

    2. Zookeeper must be initialized manually, as “service zookeeper-server init” invokes an empty shell script “/usr/lib/zookeeper/bin/zkServer-initialize.sh” which does nothing. This is also an issue in 2.0, but seems specific to Hortonworks.


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