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Enabling the Data-First Enterprise

Zulily builds a data-first enterprise with HDP

Zulily is an online retailer with a mission of bringing its over four and a half million active customers (primarily moms) fresh and interesting products every day. They created a modern data architecture that combined the strengths of both Apache Hadoop and cloud computing to deliver a highly scalable unified data platform for structured and unstructured data. This allows zulily to scale both storage and analytics on demand, and accelerate decision making processes from weeks, days and hours to minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

T-Mobile Creates a Data Lake

For “Uncarrier" T-Mobile, data is everything. T-Mobile's previous traditional EDW system was slow, highly modeled and expensive and did not meet the needs of business users. Thanks to HDP, T-Mobile created a data lake and was able to quickly glean new customer insights that previously could not be seen from small sets of data.

Zirmed scales storage and processing with HDP

ZirMed is a leading provider of healthcare information management solutions. Their team built a Hadoop cluster running HDP for Windows 2.0, resulting in five times the amount of usable storage and greater processing power, all for 30% of the cost of traditional enterprise technologies.

Expedia Turns Data Into Action

Travel company Expedia has a “data-driven culture” where turning data into meaningful action is critical. The ability to transform its product line required more access to data, ultimately leading to an architectural shift from classic EDW to HDP for all of it's data storage. As a result, Expedia gained new insights into customer behavior, better visibility into advertising campaigns and earlier fraud detection.

Webtrends Creates Value from Data

Webtrends collects and analyzes data streams from devices. It stores all of those data sets in a data lake, allowing it to explore a large amount of data in real time. Hadoop is enabling Webtrends to provide tailored predictive, behavioral analysis and ROI insights to its customers across many different verticals.

...and many more companies are putting data first with HDP.

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