Mayo Clinic uses HDP for Big Data enhancements

Mayo Clinic uses HDP for Big Data enhancements to its clinical practice in more than seventy hospitals and clinics, as well as its globally recognized leadership in medical research and education. Hortonworks helps Mayo Clinic retrieve data from its electronic medical record, speeding query results from 5 minutes to milliseconds. The data stored in HDP is available for clinical and non-clinical uses, including an application used in colorectal surgery. ​​

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Symantec using HDP in the Cloud

Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. The Symantec Cloud Platform team turned to Hortonworks and HDP to help speed the rate with which it could ingest and process 500,000 security log messages per second (40 billion messages per day). Using HDP in the cloud, the team reduced its average time to analysis from four hours to two seconds.

Progressive and Predictive Analytics

Progressive Insurance is one of the largest U.S. auto insurance companies. The team turned to Hortonworks Data Platform to transform its business with massive ingest of new types of data. Progressive uses HDP for ad placement and to store driving data for its usage-based insurance products.

Noble Energy uses Predictive Analytics

Noble Energy is an independent, global oil and gas company. The company began using Hortonworks Data Platform to predict and prevent down time in their infrastructure. Those predictive analytics help the company maintain their hydrocarbon infrastructure, and they also hope to use HDP to improve safety.

Fuse by Cardinal Health

Fuse by Cardinal Health is an innovation lab focused on improving the future of health and wellness by making healthcare safer and more cost effective. The Fuse team focuses on connected care, building a smarter supply chain, and discovering new insights through analytics. Fuse chose Hortonworks Data Platform to optimize its data architecture and enrich its existing data with freely available public datasets.

Rogers Communications and a Single View of a customer

Rogers is a leading Canadian telecom company that has businesses in cable, wireless, media and sports. Rogers chose Hortonworks Data Platform to build a 360-degree of its customers across all its channels and businesses. Hear Rogers leaders discuss how they used HDP to launch a new digital product, with the fastest growth of any in the history of Rogers Media.

Towards a Healthcare Data Lake: Hadoop at Mercy

Mercy has partnered with Hortonworks to create the Mercy Data Library, a Hadoop-based data lake running on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). The Data Library will contain volumes of batch data extracts from relational systems like Clarity as well as real-time data sources including Epic access logs. They plan to ingest other data sources, including social media and weather information.

Neustar Cost Savings - Active Archive

Neustar provides cloud-based information and analytical services to its telecommunications clients. The company adopted Hortonworks Data Platform to grow its retention of network data from 10% of total, retained for 60 days to all the data, retained for at least a year. It did this while saving millions in annual expenses. Now Neustar uses this active archive of telco data to launch new data services for its customers.

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TRUECar turns data into action

TRUECar’s mission is to make the car buying process simple, fair and fun. The company looked to Apache Hadoop and HDP to build a modern data architecture that could scale economically and capture more data. TRUECar data in Hadoop makes the market work more efficiently, and all the parties like car buyers, dealers and manufacturers share in the benefits of the efficiency.

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Webtrends Creates Value from Data

Webtrends collects and analyzes data streams from devices. It stores all of those data sets in a data lake, allowing it to explore a large amount of data in real time. Hadoop is enabling Webtrends to provide tailored predictive, behavioral analysis and ROI insights to its customers across many different verticals.

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