Build a Modern Data Architecture

Hadoop is a modern, multi-purpose, enterprise-grade data platform.

Move from single purpose clusters to a multi-purpose data platform with Enterprise Hadoop.

Implement any processing engine to deliver the needs of your application: from batch to interactive to real-time.

Integrate Enterprise Hadoop in the data center with deep and broad integration across the application ecosystem.

YARN is the architectural center of Hadoop.

Create a central cluster containing any data and access on-demand with a range of processing engines.

YARN provides the integration point for specialized industry applications that run natively in Hadoop.

Realize dramatically reduced cost of data storage and processing.

Integrate Hadoop with your EDW and free it to do what it does best: analytics.

Store more information for longer periods of time to discover new types of insight, and create new business value.

Monetize your business information with Hortonworks Data Platform.

Build new analytic apps to derive value from sensors/machines, server logs, clickstreams, and other sources.

Extend Hadoop across multiple data sources, and unlock the vision of an enterprise data lake.

Hortonworks Data Platform

The Blueprint for Enterprise Hadoop

Apache Hadoop has become a core component of a Modern Data Architecture, allowing organizations to collect, store, analyze and manipulate massive quantities of data on their own terms—regardless of the source of that data, how old it is, where it is stored, or under what format.

The Hortonworks Data Platform delivers Enterprise Apache Hadoop, deeply integrated with existing systems to create a highly efficient, highly scalable way to manage all your enterprise data.

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