Build a Modern Data Architecture

Integrate Hadoop to Unlock Your Data Lake Vision

Apache Hadoop is a core component of a Modern Data Architecture, allowing organizations to collect, store, analyze and manipulate massive quantities of data on their own terms—regardless of the source of that data, how old it is, where it is stored, or under what format.

The Hortonworks Data Platform delivers Enterprise Apache Hadoop, deeply integrated with existing systems to create a highly efficient, highly scalable way to manage all your enterprise data.

New Data Architecture, New Opportunities

Data Architecture

Reduced Costs

Low-value computing tasks such as ETL consume significant EDW resources. When offloaded to Hadoop, these ETL processes can be performed much more efficiently, freeing up your data warehouse to perform high-value functions like analytics and operations.

Analytic Applications

New Value

Unlike schema-on-write, which transforms data into specified schema upon load, Hadoop empowers you to store data in any format, and then create schema at that moment when you choose to analyze your data. This unprecedented flexibility opens up new possibilities for iterative analytics and delivers new business value.

Single Cluster,
Multiple Workloads

Any Workload

With Apache Hadoop YARN supporting multiple access methods (such as batch, interactive, streaming and real-time) on a common data set, Hadoop enables you to transform and view data in multiple ways simultaneously, dramatically reducing time to insight.

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World-Class Partners

Our commitment to developing and delivering Enterprise Hadoop as 100% open source has resulted in close, collaborative partnerships with a thriving ecosystem of enterprise vendors, including the global leaders in data you trust.

HP prefers and resells Hortonworks data platform with reference architectures and integrations across HP's hardware and software portfolio.
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Microsoft relies on Hortonworks Data Platform as the core technology of its HDInsight cloud service, the Hadoop region of the Analytics Platform System appliance, and to provide HDP for Windows on-premise. Hortonworks maintains a deep engineering relationship with Microsoft and Microsoft contributes to Apache Hadoop projects along side Hortonworks.
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Red Hat relies on Hortonworks Data Platform to integrate with a series of technologies: Red Hat Storage, OpenStack, JBOSS data virtualization, and OpenShift. Hortonworks maintains a deep engineering relationship with Red Hat.
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Rackspace relies on Hortonworks Data Platform as the core technology for the Rackspace Cloud Big Data Platform and for Rackspace Private Cloud.
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SAP prefers and resells Hortonworks Data Platform alongside SAP HANA for Instance Access and Infinite Scale for SAP customers.
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Teradata relies on Hortonworks Data Platform to provide its Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop. HDP is the only Hadoop platform engineered for, supported and available on Teradata hardware.
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Hortonworks Data Platform

The Blueprint for Enterprise Hadoop

A complete and open enterprise data platform with zero proprietary extensions, HDP wholly integrates with your existing data center investments and offers the fundamental versatility enterprises need to interact with every data type in multiple ways.

Fundamentally Versatile
Complete and Open
Wholly Integrated

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