Build a Modern Data Architecture

A Blueprint for Enterprise Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is a core component of a modern data architecture, integrating with and complementing your existing systems to create a highly efficient, highly scalable way to manage all your enterprise data. A modern data architecture provides the foundation for your own enterprise data lake, which is an integral part of your business strategy for unleashing analytic insights and innovations that help you compete and win in today’s marketplace.

New Data Architecture—New Opportunities

The modern data architecture enabled by Enterprise Apache Hadoop offers a variety of new opportunities for data analytics, and for your enterprise in general:

Iterative Analytics

Unlike schema-on-write, which transforms data into a specified schema upon load, Hadoop empowers you to store data in any format, and then create schema at the time you choose to analyze the data. This opens up new possibilities for iterative analytics to discover new business value.

Single Cluster, Multiple Workloads

With Apache Hadoop YARN supporting multiple access methods (batch, real-time, streaming, in-memory, and more) on a common data set, Hadoop enables you to transform and view data in multiple ways to obtain close-loop analytics, bringing time-to-insight closer to real time than ever before.

Data Warehouse Optimization

Low-value computing tasks such as ETL – which can consume significant EDWs resources – can be offloaded to Hadoop and performed much more cost efficiently, freeing up the data warehouse to perform the truly high-value functions, such as analytics and operations, that best leverage its advanced capabilities.

A Blueprint for Enterprise Hadoop To Meet Expanding Enterprise Requirements

Enterprise Apache Hadoop provides the fundamental services required to deploy into existing data architectures, and an array of flexible data processing capabilities for any workload.

Presentation & Applications
Enable both existing and new applications to provide value to the organization.
Enterprise Management & Security
Empower existing operations and security tools to manage Hadoop.
Governance Integration
Data Workflow, Lifecycle & Governance
Data Access
Access your data simultaneously in multiple ways (batch, interactive, real-time)
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Hadoop Distributed File System
Data Management
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Authentication, Authorization, Audit & Data Protection
Deploy, Manage and Monitor
Provision, Manage & Monitor
Deployment Choice
  • Linux & Windows
  • On Premise or Cloud/Hosted

Endorsed By And Integrated With The Partners You Trust

At all points in the data center architecture, from ETL through to processing and analysis, Hortonworks has joined forces with key partners trusted globally to provide enterprise solutions in the data center.


Hortonworks Data Platform runs across the broadest array of datacenter infrastructure owing to native Linux and Windows support. It is also available in integrated hardware from Teradata, and HDP provides the basis for Microsoft’s HDInsight Service meaning complete portability of data is retained on-premise and in the cloud.

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Unlock Your Own Data Lake Today

For more detailed information on how Enterprise Apache™ Hadoop® from Hortonworks can enable a modern day architecture for your organization and provide the foundation for an enterprise data lake, download our Modern Data Architecture whitepaper here. To contact Hortonworks directly, call (855) 8-HORTON.

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Modern Data Architecture
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