Apache Ambari

A framework for provisioning, managing and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters

Apache Ambari is a completely open operational framework for provisioning, managing and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters. Ambari includes an intuitive collection of operator tools and a set of APIs that mask the complexity of Hadoop, simplifying the operation of clusters. With hundreds of years of combined experience, Hortonworks, along with members of the Hadoop community have answered the call to deliver the key services required for enterprise Hadoop.

At Hortonworks, we are helping to lead this effort within the community and completely in the open. We believe that the best experience for provisioning, managing, and monitoring Hadoop clusters should be open as a core requirement for integrating Hadoop with existing IT technologies and operations.

Deliver a complete set of features for Hadoop operations, in public and with the community, by defining the operational framework and lifecycle
Ensure that Hadoop operations can be integrated with existing IT tools, behind a single pane of glass, by providing REST APIs and multiple views of the cluster
Make Hadoop’s most complex operational challenges easy to manage with more insight and visibility into cluster performance

Hortonworks Focus for Ambari

Theme Planned Enhancement
Simplified operations Ability to perform automated Stack upgrades
Enterprise readiness Add support for the Windows platform
Usability enhancements Improvements to alerts and metrics collection

Recent improvements to Manage and Monitor Hadoop

Our completely open approach via Apache Ambari is unique and we are excited to have HP, Pivotal and VMware jump on board to support Ambari with some of the other leaders in the data center like Microsoft and Teradata. This openness allows everyone to enjoy new features as they are delivered and the Ambari community is developing at an amazing rate. In HDP 2.2, Hortonworks plans to include Ambari 1.7.0, with over a dozen new features added. Some of the biggest new features include the following:

Configuration versioning and history

Change is inevitable and potentially complex. By ensuring you have visibility, auditing and coordinated control over configuration changes, you can easily achieve mastery over this aspect of managing all services and components deployed on your Hadoop Cluster. Ambari delivers a comprehensive approach for addressing configuration changes to the delight of Hadoop administrators everywhere.

Extend Ambari with custom views

Ambari Views Framework offers a systematic way to plug-in UI capabilities to surface custom visualization, management and monitoring features in the Ambari Web console. A “view” is a way of extending Ambari that allows 3rd parties to plug in new resource types along with the APIs, providers and UI to support them. In other words, a view is an application that is deployed into the Ambari container.

Ambari Blueprints deliver a template approach to cluster deployment

Ambari Blueprints are a declarative definition of a cluster. With a Blueprint, you specify a Stack, the Component layout and the configurations to materialize a Hadoop cluster instance (via a REST API) without the need for any user interaction.

Recent Ambari Releases

Ambari Version Prior Enhancements
  • Configuration versioning and history
  • Ambari Views framework
  • Ambari Stacks “Stack Advisor”
  • Introduced Ambari Blueprints for automating cluster installs
  • Improved usability guardrails with more host and environment checks
  • Support for PostgreSQL database
  • Rolling restarts
  • Service and host maintenance mode
  • Bulk host operations

What Ambari Does

Ambari enables system administrators to provision, manage and monitor a Hadoop cluster, and also to integrate Hadoop with the existing enterprise infrastructure.

Provision a Hadoop Cluster

No matter the size of your Hadoop cluster, the deployment and maintenance of hosts is simplified using Ambari. Ambari includes an intuitive Web interface that allows you to easily provision, configure and test all the Hadoop services and core components. Ambari also provides the powerful Ambari Blueprints API for automating cluster installations without user intervention.

Manage a Hadoop cluster

Ambari provides tools to simplify cluster management. The Web interface allows you to control the lifecycle of Hadoop services and components, modify configurations and manage the ongoing growth of your cluster.

Monitor a Hadoop cluster

Gain instant insight into the health of your cluster. Ambari pre-configures alerts for watching Hadoop services and visualizes cluster operational data in a simple Web interface.

Integrate Hadoop with the Enterprise

Ambari provides a RESTful API that enables integration with existing tools, such as Microsoft System Center and Teradata Viewpoint, to merge Hadoop with your established operational processes.

Hadoop cluster provisioning and ongoing management can be a complicated task, especially when there are hundreds or thousands of hosts involved. Ambari provides a single control point for viewing, updating and managing Hadoop service life cycles, with these important features:

Feature Benefit
Wizard-driven interface Facilitates installation of Hadoop across any number of hosts
API-driven installations Ambari Blueprints for automated provisioning
Granular control Precise management of Hadoop services and component lifecycles
Configuration histories Ongoing management of Hadoop service configurations
Extensible framework Brings custom services under management via Ambari Stacks
Usability improvements Innovative user experiences via Ambari Views
RESTful APIs Enables integration with enterprise systems

Hortonworks Collaboration for Ambari

Hortonworks is focused on going to market with a 100% open source solution. This focus allows us to collectively provide the product management guidance for Enterprise Grade Hadoop to mainstream enterprises and our partner ecosystem, and further innovate the core of Hadoop.

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