HOWTO Test Hbase Setup


How do I test that Hbase is working properly? OR

What is a simple set of Hbase Commands?


If HBase processes are not running, start them with the following commands:

To start the HBase master (‘sleep 25’ is included as the master takes some time to get up and running):

su hbase - -c "/usr/bin/ --config /etc/hbase start master; sleep 25"

To start the HBase regioanserver:

su hbase - -c "/usr/bin/ --config /etc/hbase start regionserver"

This command will describe a simple status of the HBase cluster nodes:

status 'simple'

This command will create a table with one column family:

create 'table2', 'cf1'

This command will add a row to the table:

put 'table2', 'row1', 'column1', 'value'

This command will display all rows in the table:

scan 'table2'

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