Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop

Deliver enterprise capabilities for data governance, security and operations

Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop is an emerging category of solutions that scale with the demands of your Big Data applications. Hortonworks is pioneering the category, and it is gaining momentum. Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop overcomes shortcomings that hampered previous generations of Hadoop for the enterprise.

Those initial attempts relied on extensions of early Hadoop projects and followed a branching approach that sealed them off from subsequent innovations from members of the open community. Also, that approach often locked customers into vendor-specific analytics, and undermined integration with YARN, the open data operating system.

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The Unique Advantages of Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop

Instead of creating their own proprietary extensions, vendors in this category rely solely on open source components and on the open community. They harness the powerful processes governed by the Apache Software Foundation and its enterprise-savvy committers—including more than 100 at Hortonworks alone, (which employs the largest number Hadoop committers in the industry).

As a result of this very intentional strategy, Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop solutions:

Leverage the power of open source development with solutions built “on-the-trunk,” so enterprises benefit from the latest community innovations as soon as they mature to enterprise standards.

Consolidate data silos with a centralized, YARN-based “data lake.” Multiple heterogeneous access methods support many different users at once, and scale to deployments managing petabytes of data. Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop also ensures full interoperability beyond the Hadoop core through the promotion of open standards for the broad technology ecosystem.

Provide robust operations, security, and governance capabilities with a platform already up to standards for enterprise rigor and continuously hardened by project committers who combine enterprise savvy with a commitment to open source principles and processes.

Growing Adoption of the Category

As the Big Data industry moves toward open Hadoop solutions, Hortonworks drives the Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop category to deliver a next-generation enterprise data platform that is transforming today’s businesses.

We’re working closely with more than 400 enterprise subscribers to understand the needs of enterprises across all industries. We then leverage the power of our leadership in the open source community to innovate the technology according to those priorities.

Industry efforts like the Data Governance Initiative and the Open Data Platform initiative reduce the risk and enhance the rewards for other datacenter vendors that align with Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop. Vendor alignment around common standards does not slow innovation in the open source community. On the contrary, it liberates innovators at both mature and early stage companies to develop (in the open) because they need not fear getting locked in to a standard controlled by one company.

As a community, we develop Hadoop faster together than any single vendor ever could.