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Founded in 2009, ASD TECH has a vision to bring high-quality server software development services for enterprise customers. Our specialists  handle projects involving Cloud systems which require large-scale storage, processing analysis and structuring of large amounts of data. We have accumulated a rich experience in the distributed server software system over many years. Whatever the complexity of tasks our customers are facing, we are always ready to help with technical expertise and ensure quality development.  As part of completing our projects, our specialists have acquired a deep expertise in building data warehouses based on Hadoop.
We have architected and deployed systems for storing large amount of data, capable of scaling out by adding more server nodes horizontally. We have expertise designing and architecting stable systems that have the capability of parallel data processing using Hadoop technologies. ASD TECH has has the knowledge and experience needed to deliver scalable and reliable big data solutions for our customers. As a Systems Integrator and Consultants of Hortonworks, we look forward to working with you.
For more information, visit http://www.asdtech.co and http://cloudike.com