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Audaque Data Technology

Audaque Data Technology Co., Limited was established by the Audaque data management research team in January 2011 in Shenzhen, China. Scottish Academy of Sciences Royal Fellow (Royal Society of Edinburgh), ACM Fellow and University of Edinburgh Professor Fan Wenfei is the leader of the Audaque data management research team.

The company’s products and technologies are leading the way in the big data management field. After two years of painstaking research and development, it has now launched three products, fourteen large modules and six services. Our commercial success has resulted from the integration of large data management software products, including data integration management (Audaque Data Automation), data exploration (Audaque Data Discovery) and data quality improvement (Audaque Data Promotion).


In 2012, the team had successfully selected the third round of the Guangdong Province innovation team, the first round of the Shenzhen “Peacock Plan” innovation team and won the “Chinese Overseas Students Pioneer Park, one of the most entrepreneurial potential enterprises award. The company’s research team worked in the international research community and over the past eight years won nine international awards, such as the Very Large Data Bases Best Paper Award in 2010; the Pods Alberto O. Mendelzon Test of Time Award in 2010; the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering Best Paper Award in 2007; the British Computer Society Roger Needham Award in 2008 as well as several industry awards such as the IBM Smarter Planet Innovation Award in 2010 and the Yahoo Challenge Award in 2011.

For more information visit www.audaque.com