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AugmentIQ Data Sciences

AugmentIQ is a Big Data technology, solutions & product company. We bring the combined expertise in IT and Data sciences. We specialize the Big data technology stack such Hadoop ecosystem, No SQL (document, graph) databases such as Mongo DB & Neo4J and high performance search technologies such as Lucene / Elastic Search. We provide implementation & full scale adoption services of Big Data technologies. Our product & solutions suite includes, large scale customer identity resolution & developing single view of customers.

We work with customers in their assessment & adoption of Hadoop. We help in architecture designing & roadmap towards adoption of Hadoop ecosystem and integration with their existing technology architecture. We work with customers to design & develop specific applications/solution for their assessment or proof-of-concepts. We provide consulting & technology services for full scale adoption of big data technologies. Our pre-built accelerator suite, help clients performing a large scale customer analytics by creating a single view of customers using our advanced identity resolution technologies, frameworks for deploying the high performance search for semi-structured data using Elastic Search.