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Cloudian HyperStore is at the forefront of smart data with efficient, scalable storage for the Internet of Things. Enterprises can now run Hadoop analytics directly on HyperStore software and appliances at petabyte scale. This in-place analytics enables customers to derive meaningful business intelligence from their data quickly, efficiently and economically. From the financial industry to medical research, there is no shortage of markets that will benefit from turning big data into smart data in pursuit of realizing market- and revenue-shifting insights.

Customer Benefits

  • In-place analytics – no duplicate data in HDFS
  • Faster time-to-insight
  • Eliminate data ingest phase from storage silos
  • Improved efficiency and security
  • Lower OPEX and CAPEX
  • Hortonworks certified solution

Cloudian MDA

About Cloudian

Cloudian is a software company specializing in hybrid cloud storage software. Their main product is Hyperstore, a software-defined S3-compliant cloud object storage platform, which enables cloud service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable cloud storage solutions. Cloudian HyperStore is a multi-tenant, multi-application, distributed storage technology, which scales from 10TBs to large-scale multi-petabyte environments. It supports both erasure coding (for archiving and backup storage) and replication (for more frequently accessed data storage). In addition, the Cloudian HyperStore supports geo-replication of data across regions with configurable consistency policies. Cloudian HyperStore is available as software as well as appliances on industry hardened servers to provide enterprise customers with high-quality and cost-effective storage hardware. A key differentiation of Cloudian’s HyperStore is the company’s hybrid cloud storage technology — a product that offers not only full S3 API compatibility but can also tier data to Amazon S3 or Amazon S3–compatible public clouds.



HDP Certifications

HDP - HDP Certified badge indicates this partner’s solution has been certified to work with HDP; reviewed for architectural best practices and validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

Yarn Ready - Apache Hadoop YARN is the data operating system for Hadoop 2. YARN Ready certification recognizes applications that integrate with YARN and process data via pushdown computation to the cluster. Examples of a YARN ready solution includes an application that has native YARN application master or leverages scale-out capabilities of the platform like Hive, Spark and MR2.