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COMPEGENCE  Enables “Competing with Analytics” Journey for your Enterprise. It helps you optimize the “Business Decision Life Cycle”. This is accomplished with the COMPEGENCE Information Excellence Framework: A unified process, data and domain driven approach.

We complement you in your Competing with Analytics Journey with

  • ‘Data to Decision’ Information Lifecycle Architecture
  • Evaluation, Current State Analysis, Roadmap, Implementation Plan
  • Formulate, Develop and Deploy Big Data Analytical Solutions
  • Big Data Adoption and Deployment for Data Warehouse
  • Enable “Real Time Shift” with “High Velocity Big Data” Analytics
  • Build Analytical Data Marts with Comprehensive “Decision Variables”
  • Partnered Product and Solution Development

We provide jump start capabilities with

  • Identifying “Competing with Analytics” Opportunities
  • Mapping “Dimensions of Business Performance” for your business
  • Building KPIs and Metrics for the top two layer of the organization
  • Data and Information Life Cycle Audit and Benchmarking
  • Reference Architecture and Solution Components

Our Practice / Competency Building Services Include

  • Custom defined Executive Briefing Sessions and Intact work-through workshops
  • Formulating Analytical and Big Data Opportunities
  • Building your DW/BI/Analytics/Big Data Practice
  • Help navigate the seemingly complex journey of DW/BI/Analysis/Analytics/Mining/Big Data
  • Consultative mentoring to groom and grow your team (so they create and own it)
  • We complement the CIOs help navigate the clutter of DW/BI/Analytics with SME expertise and jumpstart capabilities (so you don’t have to hire expensive resources until you are ready)
  • Complement your “senior hiring” with screening and SME inputs

For more information, please visit www.compegence.com