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Enterprise MapReduce

Founded in 2013 in the State of Florida, Enterprise MapReduce, Inc (EMI) is a pioneer Big Data Business Intelligence (BDBI) cloud hosting service company. Offering a broad suite of BDBI services and expertise using SpagoBI, Hortonworks, and RackSpace/OpenStack. EMI has the unique capability to enable IT integrators, telecommunications service providers, and independent software vendors the ability to rapidly bring to market a broad range of BDBI cloud services.

EMI provides a a suite of robust, scalable Big Data Business Intelligence Cloud services that make it faster and far less complex to develop and deploy business intelligence applications that are driven by Big Data. Whether you need real-time analytics on multi-source streaming data, a scalable NoSQL database or an elastic, SpagoBI Cloud-based Hortonworks cluster. EMI Cloud is the easiest way for big data scientists and business analysts to start driving BDBI. It is a partner with RackSpace, Hortonworks, and SpagoBI Competency Center, a working unit of the Research & Innovation Division of Engineering Group.