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EOIR Technologies

EOIR Technologies is an industry-leading system design and development company staffed with over 400 highly talented men and women. We have developed a reputation for excellence in Research Development and Engineering Services in the area of sensor science, including electro-optical/infrared devices, advanced remote sensing applications, and specialized chemical detection systems. Through our focus on innovation and excellence, EOIR contributes to ensuring that the United States is the most technically sophisticated military and intelligence organization in the world. Understanding the client’s mission is core to the EOIR solution. EOIR blends innovation, technology, and operational expertise with the client’s mission to develop best-in-class solutions.

What We Do

EOIR Technologies provides state-of-the-art system design and development, program management, intelligence solutions, and technical training for a range of military and intelligence agencies. Since 1981, EOIR has served the defense industry with integrity, innovation, and passion. We combine our knowledge of sensor science with our experience in imagery analysis, software/hardware integrations, field measurements, and training to help our customers reach and exceed their goals.

From researching and discovering new technologies, to developing prototypes of sensor systems, to training personnel to operate state-of-the-art equipment, EOIR plays a key role in the activities of our customers. We support the men and women protecting our freedom, because at EOIR Technologies, that is the way we serve.