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Headquartered in Northern Virginia, IronBrick is a technology services and solution provider to corporate enterprises, U.S. federal, intel, defense, civilian and state & local agencies. Our core competencies and service offerings span five practice areas — IT Strategy, Cloud/X-as-a-Service, Converged Infrastructure, Business Critical Applications and End User Computing. With the combination of our deep technical skills, best-in-class certifications, proven processes, consultative approach and technology partnerships, we enable businesses and organizations reduce the cost, risk and effort of managing information.

IronBrick recognizes that technology is forever evolving due to changing business requirements. Data centers are changing from siloed, technology driven physical sites to converged, business need-driven environments where flexibility and scalability are top priority. On one hand, disruptive technologies such as Mobile, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social, Internet of Things (IoT) others will transform our lives, business and the global economy. On the other, constraints on power and cooling, consolidation in the IT industry, confusion over how to leverage powerful new technologies in existing environments — are all things our customers face today. At IronBrick, we are fully equipped to help your organization embrace these changes and have a clear vision of what lies ahead.

Our goal is simple — we seek to reduce the cost, risk, and effort of managing information.