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London Consulting Ltd.

Empowering businesses to achieve their potential.

London Consulting Ltd. is a professional services firm dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their potential, by assisting them to better understand their structured and/or unstructured data. We achieve this by designing, developing, and deploying bespoke BI and data analytics solutions. We believe that all business decisions should always be based on accurate analytical data, therefore we use different technologies including but not limited to: Hadoop, MapReduce, and HBase, to create a customized, secure, reliable, and vibrant ecosystem for your data and Knowledge Management needs, thus supporting enterprise decision – making at all levels. Whether your business is a utility company that needs to know more about its clients’ energy consumption patterns to promote better prices, or you want to offer new products on your social media page based on understanding your fans’ sentiments, London Consulting Ltd. is a click away ready to help. We look forward to serve you, and let you experience our Collaborative Advantage by doing Hadoop together!