Hortonworks and Microsoft: We do Hadoop in the Cloud

Hortonworks and Microsoft have partnered to bring the benefits of Apache Hadoop to Windows. Through this partnership we are focused on delivering enterprise grade solutions that integrate deeply with your Microsoft tools and applications.

Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows significantly expands the ecosystem for the next generation big data platform. This means that the Microsoft partners and tools you already rely on can help you with your Big Data initiatives.

Deploy Hadoop On-Premise and/or Scale with the Cloud

With HDP for Windows and HDInsight Service there is unprecedented choice for Windows enterprises for their Hadoop deployments. HDP for Windows is the Microsoft recommended way to deploy Hadoop on Windows Server environments. For cloud-based deployments HDInsight Service is a 100% compatible and scalable environment for deploying your Hadoop based applications.


Hortonworks and Microsoft talk about the benefits of the joint partnership

Microsoft & Hortonworks: An “Engineered” Relationship

This could not have been accomplished without a partnership to engineer Hadoop and HDP for Windows. Only Hortonworks could provide this level of relationship with Microsoft. While this isn’t the first open source project for Microsoft to be involved in, it may certainly be the biggest and we are happy to partner with them to help them partner with and join the Apache community. The contributions have been extensive.

The benefits of this engineering-level partnership include :

Extract Insights

  • Familiar Tools on Hadoop
    The new offering enables the application of rich business intelligence (BI) tools such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot for Excel and Power View to pull actionable insights from not just big data but all of your enterprise data sources.
  • SQL Server expands into Big Data
    SQL Server 2012 supports structured data on scalable relational database and data warehouse offerings, and unstructured data on an Enterprise-ready Hadoop distribution. Move data between Hadoop and SQL Server with bidirectional Hadoop connectors for SQL Server 2012 and Parallel Data Warehouse. And with Apache Hive analysts can be provided SQL-like access to Hadoop so that customers can enhance their insights.

Simplify Operations

  • Hadoop on Windows Made Easy
    With HDP for Windows, Hadoop is both simple to install and manage. It demystifies the Hadoop distribution so you don’t need to choose and test the right combination of Hadoop projects to deploy. And with Windows Azure HDInsight Service deployment is simplified so much that 16-node Hadoop cluster can be live in the cloud in moments.
  • Clean and Easy Management
    Apache Ambari, the open source choice for management of a Hadoop cluster is integrated and extends Microsoft System Center so that IT Operators can manage their Hadoop clusters side-by-side with their databases, applications and other IT assets on a single screen.
  • Secure, Reliable, Enterprise-Ready Hadoop
    Offering the most reliable, innovative and trusted distribution available, Microsoft and Hortonworks together deliver tighter security through integration with Windows Server Active Directory, ease of management through System Center integration, and built-in high availability with Hortonworks Data Platform 1.3

Create Applications

  • Build & Enrich Applications with Big Data
    Harness your existing .NET and Java development team skills with rich developer frameworks that enable them to write and deploy MapReduce jobs from existing or new applications to provide a “Hadoop Inside” experience.
  • 100% Open Source Hadoop on Windows
    Microsoft and Hortonworks joined forces to engineer Hadoop for Windows and then contribute all this code back to the community. This is a truly transparent and open source relationship

HDP Certifications

HDP - HDP Certified badge indicates this partner’s solution has been certified to work with HDP; reviewed for architectural best practices and validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

Yarn Ready - Apache Hadoop YARN is the data operating system for Hadoop 2, YARN Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with YARN.

Operations Ready - Apache Ambari is the open source management fabric for Hadoop. Operations Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with Ambari APIs.