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Narus, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA), is a proven pioneer in cybersecurity data analytics for enterprises, carriers, and governments
around the world. We accelerate the time it takes to resolve security threats, so Narus customers can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Narus’ solutions combine innovative user interaction based on cognitive research, analytics powered by machine learning, and an underlying platform built to be flexible and scalable. Narus has a proven track record working in the world’s most challenging and complex deployment environments. This makes us an ideal partner in a world where security threats are inevitable and ever-changing, and resolving them rapidly is paramount.

Narus’ integrated approach to cyber security addresses the unique technical challenges posed by the huge data volumes and the need to support different levels of usage and deployment scenarios. Hadoop technologies are a critical component to solving these challenges and Narus supports all Hadoop distributions, including Hortonworks.