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Oran Technology

Oran Technology provides integrated software solutions to medium, large-scale enterprises and public institutions. Our company design the software infrastructure needed by institutions, using the most advanced technological platforms of today and advanced technological platforms of today and offers efficient, low cost easy maintainable clear solutions, which are fully integrated with the outer world.

We are providing %100 Open Source solutions, hypertable and hadoop for the tasks that require big data-big performance.

Hadoop, especially in the processing of large volumes of data, is fundamentally changing the economic values and the dynamics. When designing the system architecture for various needs, we use parameters such as scalability, continuity, recovery, parallel processing capabilities, price / performance and flexible design. With the four key features below, Hadoop allow to realize of all these parameters simultaneously at the same time.

  • Scalable: if needed, new nodes can be added without changing the data, data format, data location and regardless of the which applications are running and how they are realized.
  • Budget Solution: Hadoop provides the realization of the needs of a high volume data which requires more CPU power and parallel processing solutions, with a cheap or affordable computing infrastructure. As a result, since for each TB of storage costs fall, Hadoop provides modeling all the data of organization, ignoring the price concern.
  • Flexibility: Since Hadoop has a different and powerful architecture that can process and handle all the types of data regardless of their structure and source; different types of data that comes from different sources can be combined each other, summarized and processed.
  • Error Recovery: When one of the nodes cannot be reached, the system shares automatically the incoming load to other nodes and continues to serve without an interruption.