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PiTech Solutions

Technology Focus

PiTech is building Clinical Decision and Transportation Logistic Platforms that combines a Clinical and business rule engines with ETL tools and Hadoop.  We have customers looking for building a future state BI Analytics platform using Hadoop real-time streaming and high-speed technologies.

Company Description

PiTech Inc. specializes in improving real-time business performance by implementing Enterprise Intelligence (EI) systems using highly developed methods and technologies to transform huge silos of data into enterprise-level, focused, real-time, and actionable information.  We believe that the next generation of EI and Analytical systems require new innovative thinking and technology from encompassing the Decision Logic for processing and orchestrating data to an Enterprise strategy for harvesting, transforming, and loading structured and unstructured data.


PiTech is developing next generation solutions for customers involving the combination of Business Rules, ETL tools, and BigData systems.  Using Provider Healthcare content, clinical-based rules engines, and logistics data, PiTech is developing new Mobile-based and Desktop Clinical Decision Systems for Cancer Patients and their Oncologists.  PiTech specializes in the turn-key solutions and integration within the Healthcare provider’s EMR and infrastructure to deliver the CDS to a marketplace of over 1,000+ Cancer Treatment Centers in the US and abroad.  Hortonworks Data Platform is a central component of this solution due to its real-time data and search processing capabilities.