Infinitely Scalable end-to-end Data Security Solutions

Protegrity, the innovative leader of groundbreaking enterprise data security software, provides high performance, infinitely scalable end-to-end data security solutions for organizations worldwide. Protegrity helps its customers secure all of their sensitive data in Hadoop and across the enterprise, ensuring compliance with all PCI, PHI and Privacy regulations. Protegrity’s solutions give corporations the ability to implement a variety of data protection methods, including Vaultless Tokenization, strong encryption, masking and monitoring to ensure the protection of their sensitive data.  For more information on the partnership, visit Protegrity – Hortonworks on or call 203-326-7200.

protegrity HDPWith Protegrity and Hortonworks Data Platform, fine grained protection persists while data is at rest, in use, and during analytical processing. Business intelligence can be bled through to allow users and processes that require only part of the unprotected data to function. The API in each of these programs can be augmented to provide protect/unprotect functions. Stored sensitive data/fields can be secured or de-identified with fine grained protection; or the volume/files can be secured with coarse grain protection. Only the data security policy administrated by security officers determines access to sensitive data in the clear. This separation of duties provides the best means to protect the data from all threats, including rogue privileged users.