RedPoint Global

RedPoint Global empowers marketers to bring together all the customer data they need to create precise one-to-one interactions with customers across any and all marketing channels. Unlike other marketing solutions, the RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform enables users to quickly extract structured and unstructured data from wherever it is, easily analyze customer behaviors and preferences, and create precisely the right communications — whenever and through whatever channel required — all from a single platform. No other software provider offers an all-in-one solution PLUS speed-to-market and robust scalability. For more information on RedPoint Global and Big Data, please visit us here, or email


RPDM for Hadoop Processing Flow-wHDP

Have users in your organization that don’t know a thing about Big Data but want to learn?  Here’s something you can share with Gleansteranyone in who has basic questions about Big Data. It’s a complimentary white paper – A Deep Dive on Big Data – written by Ian Michiels of Gleanster, an analyst group that writes about technology solutions for business. Download it here.

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