SAP HANA + Hadoop = instant access + infinite scale

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The strategic relationship between Hortonworks and SAP enables SAP to resell Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and provide enterprise support for their global customer base. This means SAP customers can incorporate enterprise Hadoop as a complement within a data architecture that includes SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects enabling a broad range of new analytic applications.

SAP HANA + Hadoop = Instant access + Infinite scale

By using SAP HANA and Hadoop together, customers get the power of instant access with SAP HANA and infinite scale with Hadoop. This gives SAP users a broad range of options for storing and analyzing new types of data and the ability to create applications that can uncover new business opportunities from vast amounts of data that would not have been previously possible.


Integrated technologies ease adoption

SAP and HDP are integrated in multiple ways: Through SAP HANA smart data access as well as direct access through SAP Business Objects BI universes. Also, SAP Data Services 4.1 delivers a Hadoop interface that provides high-performance read and load to Hadoop.  SAP Data Services identifies, extracts, structures, and transforms the meaningful information from Hadoop and provisions the data to SAP HANA or other data stores for deeper analysis of structured and unstructured information.

Integrated support

SAP will provide level 1 and 2 support for customers and will be backed by the Hortonworks support team. The Hortonworks support team, experienced in supporting large and complex Hadoop deployments, is backed by the core engineers and architects of Apache Hadoop enabling SAP customers to get world class global support backed by deep knowledge of this emerging technology.

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