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Trust Your Data.  Not Hunches.

Sematext is a globally distributed organization of Search and Big Data experts who build innovative products and provide exceptional consulting and production support services.  Our solution set includes: SPM – a performance monitoring service that covers numerous Hadoop and Big Data technologies and uses Hadoop, HBase, Kafka, etc., itself; SSA – a site search analytics tool; and Logsene, a log management and analytics solution.

All of these capabilities come housed in one innovative and round-the-clock company.  We have been — and continue to be — hired for our expertise by organizations like Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Thomson Reuters, The Library of Congress, Lockheed Martin, Tumblr, Comcast, Salesforce, Autodesk, and more than 100 others.

Our expertise with Search and Big Data platforms — in particular Solr and Elasticsearch, along with Hadoop and related technologies — manifests itself in several ways, including architecture design and implementation of scalable data ingestion, processing/analysis, storage, performance tuning and troubleshooting.  We also help companies of all sizes to design and implement Search and Big Data best practices and with the configuration of data analysis backend and related infrastructure.

Sematext is based in Brooklyn and has employees in eight different countries spanning four continents across 13 time zones.  Wherever and whenever you need a Search or Big Data expert, we’ve got you covered.  Connect with us at: Sematext.com, Twitter, or LinkedIn.